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November is somali women writers

November is Somali Women Writers Month

More and more Somali women are putting their life stories, experiences, and creativity down on paper. Since 2013, when Puntland Women Writers Association was launched, over 21 women have embarked on writing missions and written and published books both fiction or real life stories. Through training workshops in and out of the country, PWWA has supported these women to write down their stories and to publish their books.

Every year PWWA organizes literary activities focused on celebrating Somali women’s writing. PWWA through online talk shows, interviews, reflections, and discussions Somali women writers will speak about their books, why they have written, and where they find inspiration from. They will also read from their works and sell their books. Throughout the entire month of November, there will be activities that will take place online. one area of focus will also be how women writers can sell their books online as e-books and in doing so reach a wider market.

Below are the names of the women whose books we will place in the spotlight and who will take part in our November activities!


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